Industrial And Large-Scale Wastewater Treatment

Parklink is a provider of premier wastewater treatment services and technology. The company has emerged as the to-go-to for companies, municipals, and private individuals looking for a fast, efficient, and, more importantly, cost-effective wastewater management and treatment technology.

Their premier technology that has put their company a cut above the rest is the Advanced Microbial Digestion. The technology has been found to increase the efficiency treatment process by as much as 40% and by as little as 30%, inducing significant operational cost-saving. Additionally, AMD technology can be implemented without necessitating large capital expenditure in extensive and expensive wastewater plants upgrades, further making the process of wastewater treatment cost-efficient even with increasing demand.

Besides the potential cost savings that the technology has, it is important to note that AMD technology is highly effective in treating wastewater, something that is good for the environment and helps companies, municipals, and even individuals make comply with environmental regulations.

Consultation Services

Parklink provides high-quality consulting services to companies, organization, and individuals looking to invest in wastewater treatment processes or improve their existing processes and technologies. Additionally, the company guides their clients through the entire process, thus ensuring that benefits of their technology are realized and experienced fully.

The AMD Technology Explained

Parklink’s AMD treatment technology consists of using culturing and microbiological treatment methods that yield non-pathogenic live cultures. The live cultures are indigenous to New Zealand, and hence reduce the risk of introducing predatory and harmful exotic bacteria.

Aside from using highly effective and safe cultures, Parklink also uses Microbiological Stimulations Technology, where additives are added as part of the treatment process. The additives are biodegradable and hence ultra-safe. The added additives provide additional food that increases the biological activity of the culture. The enhanced biological activity (feeding capacity) of the bacteria increases the capacity of the culture to break down the solid content in the wastewater.

The Benefit Of Parklink’s Advanced Microbial Digestion Wastewater Treatment Technology

Clients who receive their wastewater treatment from Parklink can expect the following benefits:

#1. Improved management of organic solid particle/content accumulation.

#2. Improved UV disinfection.

#3. Improved solid particle settling in the secondary clarifiers.

#4. Improved anaerobic digester performance.

#5. Improved dewatering of sludge.

#6. Better control of grease in the collection system.

#7. An increment in the rate of Carbonaceous BOD conversion.

#8. Improved odor control.

#9. Re-establishes treatment efficiency after hydraulic washout.

The combination of these benefits makes for a cost-effective, efficient, and effective wastewater treatment experience. Therefore, as a Parklink client, you can expect your wastewater treatment process to meet the legal requirements need before discharge while at the same time offering a continuous treatment process. Importantly, the AMD technology has the potential to increase the efficiency of the process by 30% to 40%, which translates to huge operational cost saving.

Indeed many business and organizations have come to appreciate the benefits of AMD wastewater treatment technology. From industrial meat processing plant, district and municipal council treatment plants, food processing plants, and residential ponds are making use of Parklink’s technology and consultation services.